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Laying the foundations for success.


What is MozYouth?

MozYouth is a youth development program that provides the youth of Mozambique with opportunities to gain work experience, hone skills, and improve their local communities through providing internships.

MozYouth is dedicated to helping the Mozambican youth by providing them with the skills to achieve success and lead the nation into a brighter future.


How We Operate

Interns sign up with the form above and fill out the relevant details. MozYouth then provides those details to various partner companies, and one of those companies agrees to take up the intern based on their needs.

MozYouth runs a short period where interns are trained in various skills that prepare them for the work place such as:

  • Workplace Readiness

  • Soft Skills

  • Health and Safety Training

The interns join the company for a period of 3-6 months. They learn skills that relate to the sector of their employment. They also receive a stipend from MozYouth and the partner companies.

After the internship period, the interns graduate. They then have a wide range of possibilities such as remaining with the company, finding another job, or even starting their own business with the skills they acquired during their internship.

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